‘Bruce Prichard Utilized Strip Clubs to Acquire Female Companionship’, according to The Godfather.

‘Bruce Prichard Utilized Strip Clubs to Acquire Female Companionship’, according to The Godfather.
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Recently, The Godfather, a Hall of Famer from the WWE, made an appearance on The Undertaker’s podcast “Six Feet Under.” During the conversation, he delved into the character development process and touched upon the process of acquiring female performers for his character.

The podcast featured numerous highlights, including The Godfather’s personal experiences and shared adventures. The Godfather commented, “All of my WWE characters were assigned to me. The Godfather was actually conceptualized by me and my wife, with a push from the latter. Vince, once aware of the idea, approached me saying, “Charles, I hear this might have some legs to it,’ using his exact words. He further enquired if the idea could involve some girls and be adapted for television.”

The Godfather recounted a trip he, Undertaker, and the Harris brothers, Ron and Don Harris took to a strip club to get girls for the show and TV. Afterwards, WWE entrusted someone to do the job, and that person often tapped into strip club resources. Eventually, clubs started offering to provide the girls whenever the WWE team was in town.

The number of girls he appeared with on screen was largely determined by his match duration as it would take time to get all the girls to the ring, perform the Godfather show, and then get all the girls out of the ring and so forth. As a rule, viewers could always predict the length of a match from the number of girls on the set.

When asked whether fans were more interested in the girls than him, The Godfather said, “I never really thought about this angle. I am aware of what I bring to the table. If it had to go there, it would.”

A video recording of the chat was also posted showcasing many light-hearted and memorable anecdotes.