Bruce Prichard: Diesel’s New ‘Edge’ Leading Into WrestleMania XII Was Deliberate, Beating Undertaker Was A Possibility

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Bruce Prichard: Diesel’s New ‘Edge’ Leading Into WrestleMania XII Was Deliberate, Beating Undertaker Was A Possibility

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Wrestling history could be much different if Scott Hall and Kevin Nash decided to stay in WWE instead of going to WCW in 1996, and Bruce Prichard thinks certain outcomes were in the cards if the two stuck around.

On the WrestleMania XII episode of Something To Wrestle, Conrad Thompson talked with Bruce about Hall and Nash staying put in WWE rather than going down to Georgia to work for Ted Turner.

“In hindsight, looking at it, it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to us was they left and we had to create new stars,” Prichard said.

Conrad then talked about Scott Hall (then Razor Ramon) being written out of WrestleMania XII plans after giving his notice and failing a drug test. Since that seemed like the obvious plan, Thompson asked the hypothetical—if he stayed, would Hall have defeated his scheduled opponent Goldust at the event? “Had Razor been staying, yes,” Bruce answered.

When it comes to Kevin Nash, Conrad noted the new ‘edge’ given to Diesel, who began flipping the middle finger on television and swearing here and there during his feud with The Undertaker. Was that a deliberate choice?

“It was deliberate, and it was to give Diesel an edge and just to throw in a little bit more. ‘Edge’ is the perfect word, but more reality and a little bit unpredictability. So it was, ‘let’s give Diesel’s character a little bit more of a darker edge to it’ and we hadn’t done it. Not everybody was doing it.”

Conrad then pitched the idea that if Nash were to stay, it could have certainly made sense for him to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania in an effort to build a feud with his former partner, Shawn Michaels. Thompson noted that Taker’s “streak” wasn’t even considered a thing at that point and asked Prichard if a Diesel W was in the cards.

“That was definitely a possibility,” Bruce stated. “Yeah, The Streak’ wasn’t even entered into the conversation.”

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You can tune into the full WrestleMania XII episode of STW below:

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