Broserweights Retain NXT Tag Titles Against The Undisputed Era

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Broserweights Retain NXT Tag Titles Against The Undisputed Era

Pete Dunne

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

After promising to take back their NXT Tag Team Championships, The Undisputed Era came up empty-handed on Wednesday night, losing to the Broserweights as Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle once again defended their championships in epic fashion. The win gave the Broserweights another statement win, and saw The Undisputed Era fail again at getting their belts back.

With @AdamColePro & @RoderickStrong ejected, it’s now on @KORcombat & @theBobbyFish to assure a “prophecy-reboot” against @SuperKingofBros & @PeteDunneYxB for the #NXTTagTitles.

— WWE (@WWE) March 12, 2020

For a brief recap on how the match ended, check out below:

After the break, Fish and O’Reilly are working over Dunne. Dunne tags in Riddle. Riddle clears the ring. Riddle and Dunne set up their finish. O’Reilly breaks it up. Fish and O’Reilly attempt dual German suplexes. Dunne and Riddle land on their feet. Dunne kicks O’Reilly and Riddle knees Fish in the head. Fish blocks the bro to sleep. Riddle German suplexes Fish O’Reilly breaks it up with a knee drop. Fish and O’Reilly land Chasing the Dragon on Riddle. Riddle kicks out. Riddle spears Fish and O’Reilly at the same time. The Grizzled Young Veterans run down to ringside. Gibson clocks Riddle when the referee isn’t looking. Riddle kicks out. Riddle back body drops Fish onto the GYV. Dunne and Riddle hit their finish on O’Reilly for the win.

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