Bronson Reed Discusses The Evolution Of His Character From NXT

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Bronson Reed has undergone a notable transformation in his character since his days in NXT, and he recently opened up about the evolution of his persona during his time away from WWE, joining Ryan Satin on “Out of Character.”

When asked about the extent to which his true self is reflected in his character, Reed expressed,


 “I actually think quite a lot, yeah. Bronson Reed is is very much like Stone Cold Steve Austin, how he said he dialed himself up to 11. I think if you look at Bronson Reed and then you look at my real self, my real self is maybe about a six or seven, and then Bronson Reed is that dialed to 11. The thing that I think separates him most is that I get to bring that mean streak out on television, which I don’t really do on a daily basis.”

Reflecting on his current character in contrast to his NXT persona, Reed affirmed,

 “I think yeah, for sure. The Bronson you see now has a big chip on his shoulder. So, I think I became very comfortable in where I was in NXT. I became the North American champion, and then not long after that I was released. I was gone from the company for a good 18 months. and in those 18 months, I really found myself again, found my edge. And I brought all of that back with me when I debuted on Monday Night Raw.

“So now you see the the Bronson of NXT with what I was doing in my time away. And it’s put a chip on my shoulder, and I think yeah. I can get in there with anyone on that show. So that’s what I wanted to convey with current Bronson.”

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