Brody King Cleared For Action At ROH Glory By Honor

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Brody King Cleared For Action At ROH Glory By Honor

Brody King

Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR / Zia Hiltey

Brody King has been cleared for action ahead of Ring of Honor Glory By Honor.

In the newest edition of “Eck’s Files,” ROH staff member Kevin Eck reported that King is good to go for the two-night event.

Brody King has recovered from his recent bout with COVID-19 and will be in action at both Glory By Honor shows.

During an appearance on “The Wrestling Inc. Daily” podcast earlier this week, King said he had contracted the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated.

“I just had a really bad head cold, and I feel like you just can’t assume anything anymore,” King said. “You can’t be like, ‘Oh, it must be allergies or a cold. I went and got tested, and I tested positive and I quarantined in my basement for a week. Thankfully, my children and my wife have continued to test negative.

“When you see that positive outcome, it’s not a fun feeling. I just hope that being vaccinated would help my case, and I feel like it did. I know that a lot of other people have had severely worse situations. Personally, I’ve had a friend that passed away a few weeks ago from COVID. I’m still here. Recently, on Sunday, I tested negative, so I guess we’re out of the worst of it.”

King recently missed his scheduled match at NJPW Resurgence, but he’ll return to the ring Friday night in Philadelphia. As a member of Violence Unlimited, King will face LFI in an eight-man tag team match on Night One. King’s stable will then clash with The Foundation in another eight-man bout on Night Two.

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