Brodie Lee Says His Main Goal In Wrestling Is To Be A Recognized World Champion

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Brodie Lee Says His Main Goal In Wrestling Is To Be A Recognized World Champion

Brodie Lee AEW

Photo Credit: AEW

Brodie Lee has one more major goal to check off his wrestling bucket list and he’s hoping to check it off at AEW Double Or Nothing.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, Brodie Lee spoke openly about why he’s enjoying his time in AEW, saying that the promotion is just the right fit for him and he’s enjoying the creative freedom.

“It is. Just the creativity that I’m allowed to have, it’s wonderful. ‘Yes’ is the short answer. Just being able to talk, just being able to flesh out a character, being able to wrestle matches without being told that you can’t do certain things. It’s eye-opening,” said Lee. “Everyone is super-positive, which threw me off at first because I wasn’t used to that. I had to ask someone, ‘Is everyone always this positive? It doesn’t feel right.’ Then it just rubs off on you and it’s more of a team, in it together, trying to make a difference in the industry, giving everyone a better product.”

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Continuing on, the former Luke Harper said he has one more major goal in the wrestling industry and that is to be truly recognized as a world champion.

“I’d like to still be the recognized [AEW] World Champion. That is probably the main goal I’ve had for as many years as I’d like to remember. Holding this is nice and it’s a nice taste to feel it and understand what it is. But to go down in the record as a World Champion is the top goal of my life,” he said.

Lee will get this opportunity when he faces Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Double or Nothing on May 23.