Brodie Lee Says He Always Thought AEW Would Be A Perfect Fit

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Brodie Lee Says He Always Thought AEW Would Be A Perfect Fit

Brodie Lee

Photo: AEW

Brodie Lee (formerly known as Luke Harper) recently sat down with TalkSport to talk about numerous topics including what he thought about AEW while he was still on the WWE roster. Take a look at the highlights from the conversation below.

On there being many more big men in AEW now than there was at the start:

I think Lance Archer has been presented in a way that has been unbelievable. I’ve watched him just come in and demolish people and it’s almost like, I don’t want to say we’re on a collision course, but at some point in the next few years, it’s almost like we have to be. I saw his stuff in Japan, I’m sure he’s seen my stuff. I assume at some point Lance and I will tie it up and I’m excited to show the different level of big man style we can get to.

On always getting put back with Rowan after starting a singles push:

I was always given a chance to a certain level. And every time I got to that level, I knocked it out of the park. And it was always frustrating because there was nothing ever after that. So we did the ladder match in December with Ziggler and then I was involved with the Intercontinental title right up until WrestleMania. Did another ladder match at ‘Mania – and we crushed that one, too. I think it was ‘Mania 31. Just good matches all-round. The house show matches were great with Ziggler, but there was just nothing ever there. It was almost the same thing when I thought I was getting over in the Bray and Randy angle; it was supposed to be something else, and then it just wasn’t there. And that’s where I finally figured out, hey, I don’t think this is the place for me anymore.

On why he felt WWE wasn’t for him and how he feels in AEW:

WWE, it’s a lot of cooks in the kitchen. If one of those cooks doesn’t feel like you’re a good ingredient for what they’re making, you’re not going to be apart of it. And if you’re not the chosen one, you won’t be apart of it. If you’re good enough in the ring, you’ll be apart of it until a certain point, but that only gets you so far there. In AEW, it’s like a 180 where it’s like hey, go flesh out your character, go talk, go have a match Christopher Daniels, go have a match with Jon Moxley, let’s see what you can do. Now if I don’t perform, it’s on me.

If he feels he was put in a world title match too quick:

No, it doesn’t concern me at all. The reason I came to AEW was to have matches that have meaning behind them, and now I’m wrestling for a world championship. So I don’t think I could pick a better opportunity to jump at and when Moxley put a marker on his head two weeks ago, I decided when’s a better time to do it than now?

On if holding a world title is something he feels like he must accomplish before retiring:

1,000 percent it’s very important to me. Just holding it, this feels absolutely right to me. It feels very special to me. My son slept with the title last night – those are things I can’t replicate in life. It is of the most upmost importance to me and if Jon Moxley is who I have to go through, then so be it. We’ve been doing it for 10 years. We did it in CZW, we did it in Evolve, we did it in WWE and now we’re going to do it next Saturday.

You can read the entire interview here. Let us know what you think about Brodie in the comments below.

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