Brodie Lee Jr. Bowls Over Adam Cole In Backstage Brawl Caught On Tape

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Brodie Lee Jr. Bowls Over Adam Cole In Backstage Brawl Caught On Tape

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Newly declared TNT Champion for life and -1 of The Dark Order Brodie Lee Jr. is wasting little time making a name for himself among his peers after gaining an AEW contract. Backstage among his peers, Brodie clocked NXT wrestler Adam Cole with a devastating short-arm clothesline before getting the visual pinfall on the former NXT Champion. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. was there to capture the carnage and shared it on social media.


— Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (@RealBrittBaker) January 1, 2021

Lee Jr. grows an ever-expanding list of school-age wrestling luminaries popping up on the scene in recent years. Former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Nicholas has been training ever since his in-ring debut at WrestleMania. Matt Hardy’s three sons are also all ready for competition, with King Maxel holding in-ring victories despite barely being out of diapers. Finally, circling back to AEW, the mini doppelganger of Orange Cassidy once infuriated MJF by pinning his rival Cody in the center of the ring.

There’s no doubt that Brodie’s father would be proud of the little champion, who also showed his skills in a ringside attack on this week’s Dynamite against the dastardly Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Although the school system will likely keep -1 out of full in-ring competition for quite some time, there are plenty of long-term storylines with both current and future starts that await him in All Elite Wrestling.

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