Brock Lesnar shoots on Antonio Inoki | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Brock Lesnar shoots on Antonio Inoki | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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My AEW Wrestler says this plugin is neat! um brad who who works for new japan brad rangan's uh um in actuality uh uh i had a consult with with uh antonio enoki uh in in minneapolis uh enoki came visiting to consult with with me and stuff so um nonetheless i real want to set within the states .

And yeah because in actuality you're the roughly an athlete that they would esteem i imply usually attributable to what the japanese love from foreigners plus the credentials for you realize um i imply you're you realize i imply roughly taylor taylor made in different strategies for what an okie .

Would inoki's vision of legit wrestling which is a actually diverse vision than diverse of us's yeah i'm precisely certain i comprehend it most continuously nonetheless i didn't i didn't even know who enoki became when brad i had been practising with brad for doubtlessly three weeks out at brad's house brad rankin's and uh .

I didn't even know he had this assembly philosophize up for me brad knew that i became going to meet with the wwf space of job um and so brad being the man that he’s he didn't want to power one thing on me nonetheless he real told me that the unique japan space of job became coming in and uh .

They wished to meet with me and that i had no clue who antonio enoki became and uh brad put me within the ring with him and we started shooting on every diverse and brad became real nearly amusing and that i had no thought who he became and uh brad became real within the relieve of his thoughts you realize playing a .

A joke on me you realize and and uh and so me and enoki wrestled for about an hour and a half straight real doing submission stuff and and uh and making an are attempting to originate every diverse you realize pin every diverse and submit and and it became roughly amusing and at the pause uh you realize brad instructed me on who he became and .

What became happening and so yeah he performed a vivid gargantuan rib on me so what became your thoughts of being in there because you realize he's love nearly 60 years inclined although he's in gargantuan form for his age he's an vivid form yeah he's a he's a machine man um i recount you yeah he's .

I it became straight away i explore relieve and it'll be a form of things where 20 years from now i'll explore relieve and real sing about it you realize because it became it became so amusing and and that i had no i had no clue here i am this you realize this college that i had no thought who antonio milke became so 20 years from now you might possibly well well be wrestling .

Him i don't study about that nonetheless
Meet this implausible legit wrestler!!

Brock Lesnar shoots on Antonio Inoki | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Brock Lesnar shoots on Antonio Inoki | Wrestling Shoot Interview