Britt Baker On The Growth Of AEW’s Women’s Division: ‘Just Keep Watching’, You’re Gonna Love What’s Coming

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Britt Baker On The Growth Of AEW’s Women’s Division: ‘Just Keep Watching’, You’re Gonna Love What’s Coming

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

With Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. as its champion, the women’s division in All Elite Wrestling continues to grow, and the company’s resident dentist believes that it’ll keep getting better from here on out.

During an appearance at Planet Comic-Con panel, when asked about the “elevation” of the division, Baker (speaking in character) took credit for it before she elaborated about this growth. She encouraged fans to keep watching because they’ll “love” what AEW has in store.

“I won the title, and ever since I said, ‘This is the era of D.M.D.,’ and I said it, I said I was gonna do it and here we are. And we’re gonna keep rising up the ranks. We have a new hour of TV every Friday, called Rampage, it’s an extra hour for more women’s matches. We have wonderful women’s talent. Just keep watching because you guys are gonna love what’s coming up as far as the women’s division goes.”

Formerly known as one of the company’s Libararians, Leva Bates, who was also a guest at the panel, shared her thoughts by describing how each and every woman works hard in AEW, so there’s nothing “complacent” about this division.

“All these girls are super, super hungry,” said Bates. “We work on a weekly basis, training reall, really hard, bettering ourselves, working on our craft, working on our characters, working on everything so we’re not complacent at all. There’s nothing complacent about AEW or its women’s division, so we’re definitely always striving to better ourselves.”

Baker also looked back on the origins of her “D.M.D.” character and noted how she wanted incorporate her career as a dentist because fans hated” it anyway.

“The D.M.D. thing, it was, so Jim Ross specifically, because he was always just saying ‘She’s a dentist, she’s a dentist’, and the fans hated it,” said Bkaker. “When I turned heel, I said, ‘Well, I’m really gonna lean into that.’ I’m gonna make sure even more we say, ‘Oh, I’m a dentist, I’m a dentist.’ And when Justin Roberts would just say, ‘D.M.D.’, I just did [the hand taunt] to be an a–.”

The AEW Women’s World Champion then pointed out how saying “Dr.” and “D.M.D.” before ahd after her name is redundant, but she does it to generate even more heat. She went on to describe how “cool” it was to see fans chanting “D.M.D.”, though she joked that most of them probably don’t know what it means.

“Actually saying Dr. and DMD before and after, it’s redundant, you’re saying the same thing twice, but that’s intentional, I do that on purpose,” said Baker. “And it just caught on. And I didn’t even know that fans would start saying it until we had one of the live shows and I went to do it after the promo, and the entire crowd did it with me. And I almost stopped dead in my tracks because I’d done it to dead silence this whole pandemic. So then when they did it with me, it was really cool.

“I’m fairly certain probably like 80% of them have no idea what ‘D.M.D.’ means, but it’s cool that they’re along for the ride, and they’re chanting and cheering it.”

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