Britt Baker On Being A Dentist, Turning Heel And More

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Britt Baker On Being A Dentist, Turning Heel And More

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Britt Baker recently appeared on The Chris Van Vliet show, where she discussed several topics, ranging from her career as a dentist to her recent heel turn. Here are some highlights:

On being compared to Isaac Yankem:

Baker: “Oh my goodness, when I first started working on the indies, I think probably at least five times a show, they’d be like, ‘Are you Isaac Yankem’s daughter?’ And I’m like, ‘No I’m not, I’m not,’ but, of course, I mean how could you not draw the similarities there? But I would like to think it’s a little bit different, I hope people think it’s a little bit different.”

On incorporating her job as a dentist into her heel character:

Baker: “That’s why I’m having so much fun now because I’m allowed to kind of really capitalize and overexaggerate my accomplishments as a heel and it’s really, it’s so much fun because it’s, you know, you’re being ridiculous and over the top but it’s just bringing more of my outside life in just in a different way, in a way that I would never normally talk about myself, but it’s so much fun.”

On why dentist heel characters work:

Baker: “[Going to the dentist,] it’s exhausting and stressful, too, because dentists are just people, and we just want to help you but everybody, and it’s like across the board, men, women, kids, adults, geriatrics, they’re scared. They hate the dentist, they hate needles, which, to be fair, we’re gonna numb you, you should not feel anything. If you have a good dentist, and you have proper, like, a local anesthetic, you shouldn’t feel anything, but here we are. People are still terrified.”

On turning heel:

Baker: “So it was just, I don’t want to say I felt lost, but I just felt like I didn’t have a character. It was something that obviously the fans can’t relate to because they’re not dentists and professional wrestlers, so when you’re shoving it down their throats, it’s almost like a slap in the face, which is kind of sad for me at first because I was hoping it would be inspirational. But I guess, when it’s overkill, it’s just kinda like, ‘Okay, we get it, shut up, she’s a dentist,’ and it was Kenny who had the idea of turning me heel. And I was like, ‘Of course I’d love to be, I’m down to try anything.’ But I knew I’d need a lot of help because I’d never been a heel before, ever since my independent career started, maybe like one show as a guest where I still probably worked as a babyface because I didn’t know what I was doing.”

The full episode is available below:

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