Britt Baker, Mercedes Mone, Bayley, and Naomi Spotted at Super Bowl LVIII

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Britt Baker took to Twitter on Sunday to post a photo of herself alongside Mercedes Mone, Naomi, and Bayley at the Super Bowl. You can check that out below:

You can check out the latest episode of “Being the Dark Order” below:

Title: Britt Baker Shares Super Bowl Experience with Fellow Wrestlers


Professional wrestler Britt Baker recently took to Twitter to share a photo of herself alongside fellow wrestlers Mercedes Mone, Naomi, and Bayley at the Super Bowl. The picture garnered attention from fans and wrestling enthusiasts alike, sparking excitement and curiosity about their experience at the prestigious event. In this article, we will delve into the significance of this gathering and explore the latest episode of “Being the Dark Order,” a popular wrestling series.

Britt Baker’s Super Bowl Experience:

Britt Baker’s tweet featuring the photo of herself with Mercedes Mone, Naomi, and Bayley at the Super Bowl created a buzz among fans. The image showcased the camaraderie and friendship shared by these talented wrestlers outside the ring. It also highlighted their presence at one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.

Attending the Super Bowl is a significant experience for any sports enthusiast, and for professional wrestlers like Britt Baker, it offers a chance to connect with other athletes and celebrities from various fields. Such interactions not only promote cross-industry collaborations but also provide an opportunity for wrestlers to showcase their personalities beyond their in-ring personas.

The photo shared by Britt Baker serves as a reminder that wrestlers, like any other individuals, enjoy participating in mainstream events and have diverse interests outside of their profession. It humanizes these athletes and allows fans to relate to them on a more personal level.

“Being the Dark Order” Episode 12:

In addition to sharing her Super Bowl experience, Britt Baker also directed her followers’ attention to the latest episode of “Being the Dark Order.” This popular wrestling series offers fans an inside look into the lives of the Dark Order faction, providing a behind-the-scenes perspective on their training, relationships, and personal journeys.

The twelfth episode, titled “Good Morning,” takes viewers on a captivating journey as it explores the daily routines and challenges faced by the Dark Order members. The series not only showcases the physical demands of professional wrestling but also delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of the sport.

“Being the Dark Order” provides fans with a unique opportunity to witness the dedication and hard work required to excel in the world of professional wrestling. It offers an intimate glimpse into the lives of these athletes, allowing viewers to develop a deeper appreciation for their craft.


Britt Baker’s tweet featuring her Super Bowl experience alongside Mercedes Mone, Naomi, and Bayley highlights the diverse interests and connections wrestlers have outside of their profession. Attending prestigious events like the Super Bowl not only allows wrestlers to network with individuals from various industries but also humanizes them in the eyes of their fans.

Furthermore, the latest episode of “Being the Dark Order” offers fans an inside look into the lives of these talented athletes, shedding light on the physical and emotional challenges they face. The series serves as a testament to their dedication and passion for professional wrestling.

As fans continue to support and engage with wrestlers like Britt Baker, it is important to recognize and appreciate their multifaceted lives beyond the ring. By sharing glimpses of their experiences and providing behind-the-scenes content, wrestlers foster a stronger connection with their fanbase, ultimately enhancing the overall wrestling experience.