Brian Pillman Jr. Comments On His MLW Status, Hopes To Be Released

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Brian Pillman Jr. Comments On His MLW Status, Hopes To Be Released

Brian Pillman Jr MLW

Photo Credit: MLW

Brian Pillman Jr. is looking to move on from Major League Wrestling. Pillman has been a top star for MLW for well over a year, but fans have recently been seeing The Rogue Prince pop up on AEW Dark during past few weeks, most recently in tag team action. Pillman spoke with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc. earlier in the week about his status with MLW.

“I haven’t heard from MLW in a while – I used to talk to them all the time but they don’t answer my phone,” Pillman said. “I’m sure they’re cool and there’s no hard feelings. I guess everything’s that been said has been said and they told me I’m free to chase opportunities outside. I think my contract restricts WWE and NXT and that’s it. They know that I know what I’m not allowed to do and sooner or later I’m sure we’ll try to come to an agreement where MLW can release me.”

“As far as I’m concerned, there’s not any guarantee on any shows happening. I understand it’s a pandemic and it’s just business. There’s no hard feelings and I absolutely love that company and wrestling has been nothing but good to me for my whole career.”

Pillman states that he’s actively been trying to seek a release from the company since June 1.

“Again, no hard feelings but they have obligations towards me too. They have to have so many shows take place in order for my end of the contract to be valid too. So, I think that would also free them up of some responsibility. I think it would be a win-win situation if they released me. Everybody’s gotta a different opinion on what’s a win-win situation.”

Brian also adds that with the whole pandemic effecting everyone across the wrestling industry, it can be a great reset button for both parties.

“With this whole pandemic and lockdown, this is a great transition period. We don’t have to go back to those old storylines and this is a good time to reset everything and let everybody find a new home to begin to build with. That’s why I think it would be a great idea to let people go that wanna go and keep the people that wanna stay and reward those that wanna stay. There shouldn’t be any hard feelings and there shouldn’t be any friction for those that wanna reach other work,” stated Pillman. “I’m sure during a pandemic you can’t prevent people from getting work. They’re not doing that and they’re not preventing me from getting some gigs. But this process is a little bit slower as I transition to try and get a full-time gig. But like I said, it’s all business and no hard feelings there.”

Another talent who may be leaving the MLW fold is Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Pillman did express a desire to work with his former Hart Foundation partner once more down the line.

“I really enjoyed my time with Davey Boy and that’s a memory that will last. I think the storyline we had with the Opera Cup and the prestige behind it, again, giving credit to MLW. It was a decision I was on board with since day one and I love the way that wrestling was presented as a sport there and as a competition. I loved everything about working with MLW but at the same time, I’m really starting to come into my own as a singles competitor and working with different guys in AEW, I’m starting to find my own there too.

“So I think maybe some time away from the Hart Foundation just to kind of find myself would be good for me but I definitely want to return to working with Davey Boy down the road in the future. That’s something you can’t recreate and you can’t force that.”

As of the last few days, MLW has indeed been making some interesting teases regarding a return to Fusion here soon as both CEO Court Bauer and the MLW Twitter account shared the following image:

Soon. Very soon.

— Court Bauer (@courtbauer) August 6, 2020

(Transcription credit should go to Ross Kelly of Wrestling Inc.)

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