Brian Myers Is Challenging Eddie Edwards To Act Like A ‘Professional’ Wrestler Again

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Brian Myers Is Challenging Eddie Edwards To Act Like A ‘Professional’ Wrestler Again

Brian Myers just wants Eddie Edwards to remember how to be a “professional” wrestler.

Myers and ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of the official launch of the Major Pod Network on Monday. Before jumping into all of the ins and outs of the ‘Major’ world, Myers was asked how he was doing after being subject to such a horrific and savage attack by Eddie Edwards on IMPACT. Last week’s show saw the two facing off in singles competition, but Edwards ending up snapping and lost the match by disqualification when he bit Myers above the left eye. Updating his condition, Myers said his eye is “severely damaged” and he’s looking for some kind of protective covering to wear in the future, but Edwards is “going to get what’s coming to him.”

“I kinda understand what’s going on, with the ‘Most Professional Wrestler’ taking on the most unprofessional wrestler,” Myers said. “It’s like a match made in wrestling heaven, so we’ll see what comes of it.”

Myers is a well-known ECW fan and hosts his own retrospective podcast, Extreme Conversations with Brian Myers, so it’s a little odd that he doesn’t want to take any cues from the “land of Extreme” in his fight against Edwards. When asked why he’s not fighting fire with fire, Myers said it’s all about principals, and he wants the “old Eddie” to come back instead of stooping to that level.

“I think it’s more of the principal of it. I’m more or less challenging Eddie to become his old self. To me, once upon a time ago, he was a classy professional wrestler. Trained by Killer Kowalski, boots and trunks and a nice, clean haircut, Johnny Ace would’ve loved him if he was a little bit taller in the early 2000s. But look at him now—wearing a t-shirt, those little shoes that Hornswoggle wore during his run, capri pants, his hair—let’s not get into that because it’s just too easy. So, I’m challenging him,” Myers explained. “You’re in the ring with the Most Professional Wrestler, so let’s start to act like it a little bit.”

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