Brian Myers Earns An IMPACT World Title Match At Emergence

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Brian Myers Earns An IMPACT World Title Match At Emergence

brian myers

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Brian Myers, once seen as an unlikely option to ever receive a World Championship match, just earned an opportunity at the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship on Friday, August 20 at IMPACT Emergence. Brian earned this opportunity by way of winning a Battle Royal on the August 12 episode of IMPACT. Here is how it all went down:


#1 Contender Battle Royal

Suicide is the first eliminated by W. Morrissey. Swinger is next by W. Morrissey dumps out Hernandez too. Soon everyone gangs up on the big man, but he powers everyone off. Moose leads the charge to gang up on him again. Everyone dumps Morrissey out as we head to break.

Back from break, Steve Maclin interferes to eliminate Petey Williams from the apron. Deaner and Swaan slug it out on the apron. Swann eliminates Deaner with a thrust kick. VBD takes out Swaan and then Mack takes out Rhino. Willie gets dumped by Ace and Madman. Fulton then soon takes out No Way. Bahh however, eliminates Fulton. Moose then eliminates Bahh. There’s about eight men left at this point. Myers saves Sam Beale from elimination against Trey Miguel. Myers ultimately shoves Beale into Trey to eliminate him mid-springboard. Moose dumps out Eddie Edwards next. Myers just tosses out Same Beale then in an act of treachery. Sami spike piledrives Myers. Ace Austin and Callihan find themselves on the apron. Ace gets eliminated by Sami with a kick and Moose then eliminates Sami. Now Sabin and Moose duke it out. Uranage to Sabin via Moose. Sabin catches Moose in a sleeper and the big man fades. Myers sneaks up behind both and tosses the duo out. We have a new number one contender.

WINNER: Brian Myers



Brian has to wait and see who his opponent will be as Christian Cage will challenge Kenny Omega for the IMPACT World Championship on the debut episode of AEW Rampage tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on the TNT Network.

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