Brian Kendrick Shares How Bad Bunny Brought Him Back To WWE

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Brian Kendrick has Bad Bunny to thank for the former Cruiserweight Champion getting an opportunity to work backstage for WWE again.

Kendrick left WWE in early 2022 and was scheduled to make an appearance for AEW which was later canceled.


Despite leaving WWE, Kendrick has done some producing work backstage and helped put together Bad Bunny’s WWE Backlash 2023 win over Damian Priest.

Speaking on the “UnSKripted Podcast,” Kendrick recalled getting in touch with Bunny when the rapper was in Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards. He said,

“So the way I got involved was when he had his tag match at WrestleMania Tampa. When he was doing the Grammys out in LA, I had access to a ring. He wanted to continue to train, he’d already been training in Orlando with Drew Gulak, Adam Pearce and I know there were some Luchadors that helped him out as well.

“I just met him when he came out for the Grammys and we clicked. At least what I thought the training should be, I think he liked what I thought the training should be. And that was it. That’s how I got brought back. I think it was through his and Damian Priest’s insistence because we had a nice working relationship.”

It has been reported that WWE is eager to bring Bad Bunny back in time for Summerslam this August in Detroit, Michigan.

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