Brian Johnson Is Taking What’s Rightfully His In ROH, Showing Why It’s ‘Mecca vs. Everyone’

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Brian Johnson Is Taking What’s Rightfully His In ROH, Showing Why It’s ‘Mecca vs. Everyone’

“The Mecca” Brian Johnson recently spoke with WrestleZone writer Colin Tessier, and he discussed his recent successful run in Ring of Honor. Johnson reflected on his decision to re-sign with the company, his feud with Danhausen, and more.

Johnson has been prominently featured in the ROH restart and he says it’s not expected. That might sound rude or cocky to some, but he says it’s the mindset any successful athlete should have, and it should have happened years ago.

“I think any successful athlete, whether you consider me successful or not, depending on where I’m at right now, I’m on a little bit of a momentum kick maybe, right? It’s when they figure out who they are, and they’re able to make that the best version of themselves, and I’ve been able to tap into some real anger because it’s true. I am pissed off,” Johnson said. “I think wrestling in the last 14 years has changed so much, and not necessarily always for the good, and maybe in ways, it passed me by, but it wasn’t passing me by. I don’t think I had a chance in the spotlight. And now that Ring of Honor has given me that chance, I’m taking the ball and running it down their goddamn throats.

Ring Of Honor recently announced Johnson had re-signed, and he pointed out that he’s usually the first guy to poke fun at someone but stressed how talented the roster truly was. Plenty of changes had to be made in the entire wrestling world, and Johnson says he stuck with ROH because they can do it all and they are doing it best.

“I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that, deep down inside my heart, I truly believe we have the most talented roster, top to bottom. If you watch one of our pay-per-views compared to any pay-pay-view in professional wrestling, we’ll give you different things and different matches. Guys with sizes doing different things you can’t expect. High-flyers, grappling, badasses, you name it, we got it and it’s only just what’s in store. I think the pandemic caused a lot of adaptations to pro wrestling, and each company did theirs. Well, guess what, we’re doing it the best. And if anyone disagrees with me, I think they’re wrong and they can get bent. So the reason I stayed is because I think it’s the best damn company there is to be with. It’s the pride, the best wrestling, [and] the best talent.”

Some fans may be asking, “Why is it ‘The Mecca?’” Johnson pointed out that any poindexter (including this one) could go read a dictionary and find out the word means a place to worship, and everyone should be gathered around him in the pro wrestling world. His impending “Mecc-ade of Excellence” is going to prove that if people aren’t watching him, they really aren’t watching the best.

“I think that there’s a lot of guys that love pro wrestling. And there’s a lot of guys that would sacrifice for it and have made tons of sacrifices. But it’s this unexplainable X factor that comes to me when I’m in that ring. I’ve loved this since the day I could remember, and I honestly, the day I’ll stop loving this will be the day that my heart stops beating. I have lived my entire life to have this opportunity. So maybe it’s the desperation in me…or maybe be it’s my determination or relentlessness. It could also be my tenacity. Ever since I realized that I can’t rely on any other jackasses and it’s all about me versus everybody, I’ve been on the hottest run of my career.”

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