Brian Cage On His AEW Debut, Being Managed By Taz And More

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Brian Cage On His AEW Debut, Being Managed By Taz And More

brian cage

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Brian Cage recently appeared on Vickie Guerrero’s podcast, Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, where he reflected on his career. Cage discussed several topics, including his debut with All Elite Wrestling and his alliance with Taz. Here are some highlights:

On tearing his bicep:

Cage: “It was awful, and then I was freaking out about it because it was like the day before my last match at the pay-per-view with IMPACT and I’m like, ‘Okay, now what am I gonna do?’ Instantly, I’m like, ‘No ones gonna sign me if I have to have surgery.’ And I knew… I wanted to go to AEW, I was getting offers from many places, and I went from being super wanted to no one’s gonna want me and I’m just all panicky.”

On his AEW debut:

Cage: “I was thrilled, man, I was super thrilled. I was way more excited and pumped up about it than I thought I would be, with no crowd and whatnot. I didn’t even know the details or anything with the match until later on, either, so we kept it pretty low key. And I assume, like no one came out and told me, like I knew I was gonna be a surprise, and when I saw the ladder match with the surprise entrant, like, ‘Oh, well that’s probably me, then.”

On being managed by Taz:

Cage: “It’s been great. When they approached him, too, about trying to take him into a manager role, I know it was said that he would only want to do it with either Jeff Cobb or myself, so to be one of the people that be wanted, man, rather than him just managing me, really was rad and I didn’t even take into consideration, like I knew he was a great commentator, and I knew he could talk, like you think Taz, you think ECW, you think of him just, you know, suplexing everyone and Tazmission, and you never really think about him being a great promo guy. And then, even then, it wasn’t until standing next to him when he’s giving promos like, ‘Oh yeah, Taz cuts a pretty good promo, too,’ but it’s just not the first thing you think of.”

“Ever since then, just stuff that we’ve talked about and ideas and his promos and how he puts me over, oh it’s been great. It’s clicked very well, very fast, and it’s been really good.”

The full interview is available below:

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