Bret Hart Shoots on WCW (BURIES IT) Wrestling Shoot Interview

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On this Wrestling Shoots video Bret Hitman Hart talks about how great he hated being in WCW and the device in which he never wished to amble there within the first location.
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Right here’s one pretty pro wrestler! and you realize the reality is i had no intentions of going to wcw i didn't desire to amble there never wished to amble there i continually knew they had been 2d price and that i knew um from austin austin had sizzling nightmare tales love he would bag love tremble when he talked about how screwed up it .

Used to be it used to be like it almost gave him a twitch i was love okay i won't amble there he used to be in actuality pretty about it too a bunch of idiots when i discover about at 1997 wrestling stuff i was doing the stuff that undertaker used to be doing the stuff that steve austin used to be doing the stuff that sean used to be doing we had this form of mammoth crew .

Wrestlers it used to be love a terribly used to be love an all-essential particular person team heads and tails to this point ahead of beyond the leisure wcw used to be doing and that i’d compare the 2 reveals even when i was off when sean had the title when he first won the title i'd compare the 2 reveals together form of .

Switching backward and ahead love fans make and that i i be conscious going i will be succesful of't beget it this wcw stuff is tainted it's the shits it used to be the identical thing a week the place there's a bunch of nwo guys working within the ring and maybe beget an elephant lag out of the attain out of the score clock or the .

Parachute or something they continually had dreary studio dennis rodman or somebody it never made any sense it used to be all moral low-payment gimmicks bye
Meet this pretty grappler.

Bret Hart Shoots on WCW (BURIES IT) Wrestling Shoot Interview

Bret Hart Shoots on WCW (BURIES IT) Wrestling Shoot Interview