Bret Hart Shoots on Ted DiBiase | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Bret Hart Shoots on Ted DiBiase | Wrestling Shoot Interview
On this Wrestling Shoots video Bret Hart discusses his match at Survivor Series when it came all the plot down to he and The Million Buck Man Ted DiBiase because the final two.

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Bret Hart Shoot Interview WWE Hall of Famer

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I be loopy about wrestling, on legend of they’re objective!! the fabulous thing about that all at that in those days is that i never got to work with ted yeah and i'm not sure if it in the event you're in the event you in the event you knew my brother my brother dean had passed away yeah i assume the day earlier than and so it was a .

Very emotional time for me and my family and everyone and but nobody knew i don't assume he pleased him yeah i talked i talked about it to roddy roddy knew and he talked about on the commentary but it no doubt was a actually uh it was for me it was an infinite match yeah i desired to enjoy a actually lawful match settle or lose wasn't basically a .

Fundamental part but i correct desired to enjoy a actually objective legend and continually uh be grateful for ted dibiase and undertaker and likely the most most fellows that had been in that match dusty rhodes they let me shine a minute bit and pause my issues and that's right that helped in actuality achieve me over up a minute higher for future down the avenue on legend of i got .

That match did a lot for my um my stock rose a minute bit but we we did some vast stuff in that match with ted and uh on the very discontinue when ted beat me but it no doubt was it was a it was a honorable minute match and uh i i continually um it's a form of suits i peaceful .

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Bret Hart Shoots on Ted DiBiase | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Bret Hart Shoots on Ted DiBiase | Wrestling Shoot Interview