Bret Hart Pays Tribute To Reggie Parks, Penn & Teller Host A ‘Magic Wrestling Match’

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Bret Hart Pays Tribute To Reggie Parks, Penn & Teller Host A ‘Magic Wrestling Match’

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Bret Hart Pays Tribute To Reggie Parks

Legendary belt maker Reggie Parks passed away and the legendary Bret Hart made sure to pay his respects to his life-long friend. Parks passed away on October 8 at the age of 87 after a brief yet valiant battle of COVID-19. WWE and a great deal of the wrestling world offered their condolences and Bret Hart took to social media to share his thoughts on “The King of Belts.”

“‘Reg, if ya wanted to try me, why didn’t ya try me?!?’ – My dad falling for one of Owen’s ribs,” Bret said of his late brother impersonating Parks. “Reg always loved that story. I knew Reg my whole life, and he was one of the kindest men I’ve ever known. I’ll always miss him. R.I.P.”

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Parks is known for making several historic titles, including Bret’s favorite belt, the “winged eagle” WWE Championship.

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Penn & Teller Host A ‘Magic Wrestling Match’

AJ Kirsch and Sinn Bodhi join the infamous Penn & Teller in the latest episode of “Fool Us!” on The CW as illusionist The Shocker put on a “magic wrestling match” for the duo. The program can be seen HERE and you can read details about the specific episode in the press release below:

The Shocker! On Fool Us w/Penn & Teller
The first Magic Wrestling match in the history of Magic and Sports Entertainment

Las Vegas, NV – The Shocker returns to television to take on the Duo of Penn & Teller. The Shocker’s first appearance on Fool Us (Season 2, EP.1) garnered over 6.8 Million views. This time he’s back with something bigger. On October 8th 2021 he returns for the Rematch!

The Shocker brings the first ever Magic Wrestling Match in the Sports Entertainment era to Fool Us. For the Shocker’s appearance on Fool Us, he brought a full sized wrestling ring and former WWE/TNA professional wrestler Sinn Bodhi as ‘Professor Nightmare’. The two square off in a wrestling match, the likes of which have never been seen in magic or the world of sports entertainment. AJ Kirsch provides the play-by play and trick-by-trick action. See a head rotated 360 degrees around its neck. Hear the crunch of an Atomic Wedgie, Be amazed at the final jaw-dropping piece of magic. Make no mistake, this is wrestling and magic combined at it’s finest. We could hype this up more, but we will let Teller himself describe it.

“It was 100% a masterpiece. Hilarious, beautiful, and perfectly written and executed in every way. An explosion of joy. Visually stunning. Aurally astounding. Every beat landed solidly. The surprise turn of the prediction was staggering. And that championship belt is a total work of art. I can’t thank you enough. It’s bound to be one of the centerpieces of the season and considered a classic of the series. A perfectly realized, crystal clear, brilliant idea. “ – Teller