Bret Hart Criticizes Cardiff Match: No Positive Remarks from Gunther

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WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER can recognize the influence of Bret Hart, despite the Hitman’s comments about him.

At Clash at the Castle, GUNTHER and Sheamus had an instant classic, though Bret Hart had criticism for both the match and the show.


Speaking about The Hitman on “The Bump,” GUNTHER made it clear he hasn’t forgotten about Hart’s comments. He said,

“It’s obvious that in-ring, he’s one of the best to ever do it. Very enjoyable. He was very popular in Germany and Austria. He was a big superstar there. I don’t forget, and that man sat at my match in Cardiff and was not mentioning nice things after that, so he’s not going to get anything nice with me. Too bad he’s not in the state anymore to settle this in the ring.”

GUNTHER broke the record for the longest Intercontinental Championship reign in September and recently surpassed 500 days with the gold.

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WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has acknowledged the influence of wrestling legend Bret Hart, despite Hart’s critical comments about him. The clash between GUNTHER and Sheamus at Clash at the Castle was hailed as an instant classic, but Hart had some negative remarks about both the match and the event.

During an appearance on “The Bump,” GUNTHER addressed Hart’s comments and made it clear that he hasn’t forgotten about them. He acknowledged Hart’s in-ring skills and popularity in Germany and Austria but expressed his disappointment in Hart’s post-match remarks. GUNTHER stated that Hart won’t receive any niceties from him, and it’s unfortunate that Hart is no longer active in the ring to settle their differences.

GUNTHER has been making waves in WWE, breaking the record for the longest reign as Intercontinental Champion in September. He recently surpassed 500 days with the prestigious title, solidifying his status as one of the top performers in the company.

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GUNTHER’s feud with Bret Hart adds an intriguing layer to his championship reign. It will be interesting to see if this tension between the two will lead to a future showdown or storyline in WWE. As GUNTHER continues to make his mark in the wrestling industry, his interactions with legends like Bret Hart only add to his growing legacy.