Breaking Fears: Sasha Banks Isn’t Afraid To Say She’s ‘The Best’

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Breaking Fears: Sasha Banks Isn’t Afraid To Say She’s ‘The Best’

sasha banks

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Sasha Banks knows full damn well that she’s “The Boss” and that pushing back against her fears helped to cultivate her own manifestation and turn it into an in-ring reality.

Banks joined Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods The New Day: Feel The Power to talk about her long and eventually rewarding journey into pro wrestling. Confidence was key.

“I’ve always had that mindset of wanting to be the greatest and just wanting to be more than I’ve ever kind of thought that I could be for myself as a kid and now here I am at 28, just like, ‘Whoa, my dreams are my reality now. I’m the greatest and I truly believe that, you know?’

“I’ve come such a long way and I can’t even believe it. The power of your dreams and the power of manifesting things. It’s so important to do that and I just really want to invoke that message to people just to manifest everything you want in life and it will come to you. I promise you that.”

Sasha discussed with The New Day how her time spent in California and her time spent in rural Iowa created some barriers for her, not just geographically, but mentally too.

“For me, it was so hard being a kid. First, I was living in Iowa at the time. The only black girl in the whole freakin’, just the county. I was in Belle Plaine and just the only black girl. I was like, ‘Man, where am I and what’s gonna happen in my life? I’m on a farm, black…what?’ I just looked at it like that and kids, so before that I lived in California and around a lot of other cultures and different experiences and hearing people say the n-word, but back then, the n-word is something, hey it’s like a friend. When I hear it back in California, you say it as a friend. The first time I heard it in such a negative way when I was living in California and I was walking home from softball practice and this guy on this porch was screaming at me, ‘Hey n-word, get the fuck out of here!’ And instantly, I just became so shy and so scared. Next thing you know I’m watching wrestling, I’m like, ‘Whoaaa. This is who I’m going to be. I’m going to be larger than life. I’m going to be someone that I can’t be right now and I have to do this because this is my dream and I have to break this fear.’

“So ever since I laid my eyes on wrestling it was just always my mindset, this is what was going to save me. It was going to break me away from being this scared little child and being so fearful, but now I am here, breaking so many fears and it’s crazy. It’s all because of my experience, my journey, but you have to go through those things to know where you are now and to grow. And now here I am I going back and be like, ‘Okay, because of that, here I am today, being the most successful women’s wrestler in history.'”

Big E notes the stand-out bravado of Banks and how she’s not afraid to say that she is “The Boss” through and through.

“Shouldn’t you say to me you’re the best? Kofi should say he’s the best, You should say you’re the best, Woods say he’s the best, everybody should be saying they’re the best. It’s not like ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that.’ I am. I put in that work and I put in that effort and I know by my work and my matches that I’m pretty damn good. I’m the best, you know what I’m saying?”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can further “Feel The Power” with Sasha Banks and New Day by listening to the full episode below:

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