Braun Strowman Pins Nakamura, New Day ‘Gets These Hips’

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Braun Strowman Pins Nakamura, New Day ‘Gets These Hips’

Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

Braun Strowman and the New Day took down Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro during tonight’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, but that wasn’t the big takeaway from the match. Following Strowman dropping Nakamura for the win, he and the New Day got down to some dancing, with Big E telling the crowd that they would be getting some “hips” from everyone, which included Strowman himself.


You have to SEE to BELIEVE @BraunStrowman's dance moves! #SmackDown @TrueKofi @WWEBigE

— WWE (@WWE) December 28, 2019

For a recap of the end of the match, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s SmackDown:

Kingston and Big E. work over Nakamura. After a distraction by Zayn, Nakamura surprises Kingston with a backstabber. Kingston falls out of the ring. Cesaro obliterates Kingston with a roaring European uppercut that sends Kingston flying into Corey Graves at the announce desk. After the break, Zayn and Co are taking turns working over Kingston. Strowman goes after Zayn. Cesaro floors Strowman with a baseball slide outside the ring. Nakamura tries the Kinshasa but Kingston counters with a standing double stomp. Kingston tags in Strowman, who runs over Nakamura over and over again. Nakamura falls out of the ring. Strowman runs over Nakamura and Cesaro outside the ring. Strowman chases Zayn. Nakamura dives off the ring steps and dropkicks Strowman. Nakamura calls for the Kinshasa again. Strowman responds with a lariat. Nakamura tries to hit Strowman with New Day’s pancake plate. Kingston rips it away and bops Nakamura in the head with it. Strowman power slams Nakamura for the win.

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