Braun Strowman On His WrestleMania Aspirations, Helping Cancer Patients

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Braun Strowman On His WrestleMania Aspirations, Helping Cancer Patients

Braun Strowman

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Braun Strowman recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his WrestleMania goals. The current Intercontinental Champion also discussed Elimination Chamber and his Magic City Mania charity event, which will help pediatric cancer patients.

Check out highlights below:

His WrestleMania goal:

Having a singles match on the main card, that’s been a personal goal of mine since I started with WWE. One day, I can see myself main-eventing WrestleMania. I feel like I have the star power and the fan base behind me that wants to see it, but I just need to find the right opponent.

Facing three opponents at Elimination Chamber:

I’ve got my hands full this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber. Those three are pretty tough, and when they have their game plan working together, they’re even tougher. I need to get past them first, but hopefully I’m carrying that title out of Elimination Chamber and into WrestleMania. I’ll represent it proudly to whomever wants to step up and get these hands.

His favorite part of being in WWE:

There are so many amazing parts of being in WWE, but my favorite part is the interaction with kids. I live for that, and these are some of the bravest, toughest kids I’ve ever met.

Why He’s Doing Magic City Mania:

There will be so many wrestling fans in Tampa for WrestleMania, and we want to sell this event out and have people hanging from the rafters. My life has been so chaotically crazy and awesome. The platform I’ve been given and the opportunities presented to me in WWE have been unbelievable, and the coolest thing I have learned as a WWE superstar is the power that we have to help people get through hard times in their life.

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