Braun Strowman Believes WWE Universal Title Reign Was A ‘Home Run’

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Braun Strowman Believes WWE Universal Title Reign Was A ‘Home Run’

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Photo Credit: WWE Network

Braun Strowman’s surprise WWE Universal Championship run was born out of Roman Reigns deciding not to participate at WrestleMania 36 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite it being a last-minute adjustment, Strowman believes his run at the top of the card couldn’t had gone any better considering the circumstances.

“Opportunity blew the door off the hinges for me at that moment,” Strowman admitted to TV Insider. “It was a little more difficult than I think in normal times; [having] no crowd and being under the microscope without being able to hide behind the cheers or the boos and the animation of the audience, I feel like we all had to step our level of performance up. I put my head down and went to work.

“In my opinion, I think I did a damn good job. I think we made the most of it. I think we did an awesome job, everyone I had to work with, and behind the scenes and story-telling. The whole aspect of it in the middle of a pandemic, I thought we hit a home run.”

Strowman has since been drafted to WWE RAW and will participate as part of its Survivor Series team.

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