Braun Strowman Announces Return At ‘Free The Narrative II’

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Braun Strowman Announces Return At ‘Free The Narrative II’

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It’s almost time for the return of Braun Strowman.

Adam Scherr (FKA Braun Strowman) was released by WWE this past June and due to a 90-day no-compete clause, the ‘Monster Among Men’ hasn’t been able to appear in any other promotions… until now. The former Universal Champion announced that he’ll take part in EC3’s ‘Free The Narrative II’ special premiering on October 1.

A new synopsis for ‘Free The Narrative II’ has also been released on the event website (seen below):

Are you born a monster? Or is it something you become?

After his shocking dismissal from the corporate wrestling realm, join Adam Scherr on a journey of self-discovery in his return to the ring when Scherr battles ec3 in “Free The Narrative II: The Monster In Us All.”

Is Scherr’s fight against ec3 and his #ControlYourNarrative mantra?

To take back #Control.
Fight for your #Freedom.
And find your #Purpose.

Or is Scherr’s fight against himself?

What will happen when this “monster” knocks on this “man’s” door?

Adam Scherr’s fight truly begins on 10/01/21.

“Free The Narrative II” will feature many more “names” and is the sequel to “Free The Narrative” featuring Matt Cardona vs ec3.

Free The Narrative is a series that tells original and personal stories with some of professional wrestling’s biggest names, and those yet known.

“Free The Narrative” is completely independent of any wrestling promotion. Set to an original score, FTN blends professional wrestling, cinema, and harsh reality in what will become the true definition of “creative freedom” for an industry that desperately needs it, and any performer that truly seeks it.

To #ControlYourNarrative is to “Tell Your Story.

”In “Free The Narrative” those stories are told.

The event can be purchased through Vimeo, by clicking HERE.

A trailer for the event can be seen below:

Preorder the new #Narrative now!! #Rise #AdamScherr @therealec3 October 1st

— Adam Scherr (@Adamscherr99) September 1, 2021

EC3 recently spoke with WrestleZone about Free The Narrative and how far ‘The Narrative’ could go and why it started in the first place. EC3 said he wants it to exist as alternate programming and hopes it can be somewhere that gives talent an outlet to experiment with their craft.

“It’s broad and it’s bold and where do I want to take it is a very interesting question and it’s one that I don’t have an answer for because I feel like the Joker, I’m just doing things and seeing what happens and like I don’t know why. In a broad sense, in a wrestling sense, I want it to be alternate content to what’s happening in the wrestling world. We all know all these promotions exist, we all know who all these wrestlers are, they all have interactions,” he explained, “but just because they’re all separated by different three-letter brands, they don’t necessarily mingle and everything has to be promotion-based.

“I want it to be somewhere people can come and experiment, create themselves, destroy their past, do something new, be different, alternate content for wrestling that exists in the realm of wrestling but doesn’t affect anything that happens with a major promotion. So, it’s pretty much a creative form but when you think bigger and bolder, from some of the feedback that I got,” he noted, “it seems to play to the mainstream a lot and make a lot of mainstream emotions and people who aren’t necessarily ‘wrestling fans’ watching it and being affected by the stories emotionally.”

Check out our full interview with EC3 at this link.

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