Brandi Rhodes Talks Awesome Kong’s Health, Sudden End Of Nightmare Collective

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Brandi Rhodes Talks Awesome Kong’s Health, Sudden End Of Nightmare Collective

Photo Credit: Lee South / AEW

Today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Live featured an interview with Brandi Rhodes. She took time to talk about the Nightmare Collective, why she’s no longer a part of it, and talked about Awesome Kong’s in-ring health.

Check out highlights below (transcription by Wrestle Talk):

On Awesome Kong’s physical health:

Unfortunately, you can lay out a huge trajectory of things you want to do and sometimes things just happen that don’t allow that to happen and one of the things was I noticed that Awesome Kong was not physically feeling great. And she’s my friend so I would never want to ask somebody to work in a capacity where I know they’re going to hurt themselves.

On not being happy with the angle:

I didn’t feel it. I started to notice audience members were on the same page as me, I was starting to feel like ‘I’m not really understanding this,’ or some things that are happening are happening too quickly for people to really keep up with this or it was a nice idea but we don’t have the time to explain it how people want to explain it. So, I think a big misconception is AEW made changes, not at all, I did. 100% because if I’m going to do something I want to be happy with it, and I was not happy with it. I was not happy with me in it. I wasn’t happy with other people as far as how they were being portrayed and perceived.

On her returning to Cody’s side:

Obviously, as we saw last week in a very serious show and a very serious moment we saw what people perceive as normal Brandi back. Kinda just made more sense to just let it lie in that aspect where it was … That gives us some closure but what it doesn’t do is tell us anything about Mel and Luther who are very much here. So that’s something interesting for people to look at as ‘hey whats happens next there’ it doesn’t mean its dead just because I’m not there. It just means I personally did not see myself as an asset to that situation. I wanted to do something fun and creative to kind of give some storytelling to that that I think was really necessary, and I’m good with that now.

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