Brandi Rhodes Reflects on her Experience as a Ring Announcer in WWE

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On a recent edition of the “Ring the Belle” podcast, Brandi Rhodes revealed how she began ring announcing on a whim in WWE.

Brandi and Cody Rhodes left AEW for WWE last year.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On wanting to try ring announcing: “I poked somebody and was like, ‘What’s ring announcing?’ They were like, ‘Oh, it’s really annoying — you have to get into the ring and it’s really nerve-wracking; you have to remember all these things.’ I was like, ‘I’d like to try it.’

On getting called to do ring announcing for RAW: “I got called up on the road two weeks after that, so I was in FCW for I think a month. And then I got called up on the road and I was fully announcing. When I got called to TV, it was a RAW. I had no idea what I was going to be doing, because I had been working there so short. I was like, ‘Please, God — don’t be wrestling,’ because I barely knew how to take a bump.”

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Brandi Rhodes, the wife of professional wrestler Cody Rhodes, recently shared an interesting story about how she began her career as a ring announcer in WWE. In a podcast called “Ring the Belle,” Brandi revealed that her journey into ring announcing was quite unexpected.

Brandi expressed her curiosity about ring announcing to someone in the wrestling industry, and they described it as a nerve-wracking task that required remembering various details. However, instead of being deterred by the challenges, Brandi decided to give it a try.

Shortly after expressing her interest, Brandi received a call to do ring announcing for WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night RAW. She had only been training at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) for a month before being called up to the main roster. Brandi admitted that she had no idea what her role would be on RAW, as she was still relatively new to the company.

Brandi’s main concern was that she would be asked to wrestle, as she had limited experience in the ring and was not yet comfortable taking bumps (falls or hits). Fortunately for her, she was assigned the role of a ring announcer instead.

This unexpected opportunity allowed Brandi Rhodes to showcase her skills as a ring announcer on one of the biggest stages in professional wrestling. It was a significant moment in her career and marked the beginning of her journey in the industry.

Brandi’s story serves as an inspiration to those who are willing to take risks and explore new opportunities. Despite not having any prior experience or training as a ring announcer, she seized the chance and made the most of it.

Since then, Brandi Rhodes has continued to make waves in the wrestling world. After leaving WWE, she joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) alongside her husband Cody Rhodes. In AEW, Brandi has taken on various roles, including being an executive and an occasional in-ring performer.

Her story also highlights the importance of being open to new experiences and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Sometimes, unexpected opportunities can lead to great success and personal growth.

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