Bound For Glory Tech Issues Caused French Broadcast To Be Scrapped

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Bound For Glory Tech Issues Caused French Broadcast To Be Scrapped

IMPACT Bound For Glory

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We reported a few weeks ago that IMPACT would be adding French language commentary to Bound For Glory so that an additional number of fans could enjoy the show.

Due to severe technical issues last night, the French broadcast was completely cut from the show. Sylvain Grenier and Marc Blondin were supposed to be the commentators for the French broadcast but the audio was not getting sent to the proper channels. This led to IMPACT officials making the decision to scrap the entire plan. This report comes to us from The Wrestling Observer.

The report indicates that the duo ran a successful test on Friday night but they did not test anything with live footage. When the event began, the two could hear themselves and see the live video of the event, but their audio was not being broadcasted to the proper output channel. When the pair was asked to fix the issue on the spot, they were unable to figure out how to do so because they were doing the same thing they had done the night before when everything was working fine.

There was such a short window to get this fixed that IMPACT simply made the decision to cancel the French broadcast. There were plenty of other production issues during the show. You can see some of them below courtesy of Twitter user Maffewgregg.

supercut of Bound For Glory's production last night

— tired (@Maffewgregg) October 25, 2020

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