Boston Mayor Willing To Reopen Fenway Park, TD Garden Without Fans

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Boston Mayor Willing To Reopen Fenway Park, TD Garden Without Fans

WWE SummerSlam Live Results

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the location of WWE SummerSlam remains uncertain. The event’s original home, Boston, has banned large gatherings through Labor Day. However, a recent interview with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh may offer some hope for WWE’s odds of holding the biggest party of the summer in Boston. According to Michael Silverman of The Boston Globe, Walsh recently stated that, with some caveats, he’s willing to reopen major venues like Fenway Park and TD Garden. First, fans would not be allowed inside. Next, any sporting event in Boston would have to follow strict health and safety protocols. “‘I obviously want people to be healthy and safe,’” said Walsh via Silverman. “‘That’s going to be the biggest challenge that they’re going to have to figure out and meet if they’re going to move forward here.’”

Silverman’s interview primarily focuses on baseball’s potential return to Boston, but there are parallels with WWE’s plan to hold its largest event of the summer in the city. “‘They’re personal teams and they have employees, and we want to make sure the teams and the employees are taking care of everything and looking through it all so that we can make sure if it does open it’s open in a safe way and the virus doesn’t spread,” said Walsh via Silverman.

Though it’s far from anything official, this development is somewhat encouraging for fans hoping that WWE SummerSlam will be in Boston. As of this writing, WWE is reportedly searching for alternative locations.

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