Booker T Wishes WWE Backstage Was More Like ‘The View’

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Booker T Wishes WWE Backstage Was More Like ‘The View’

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Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Earlier this week, news broke that WWE Backstage is essentially over, with the once-weekly series no longer taping and only being considered to be brought back for one episode specials. Speaking on The Hall of Fame podcast, WWE legend Booker T gave his thoughts on the matter, including what he thought the show should’ve been like from the start.

When asked if he thought the show could’ve done anything different, the superstar acknowledged they could, and mentioned another very popular talk show as something he would’ve liked to replicate. “I wouldn’t have changed any of that part of the show, but you know, I always thought about The View and the format of The View and how those guys on The View pretty much talked about everything, and hopefully it’s a show that can spawn off to a show like that,” he said (transcription via Cageside Seats).

Booker T went on to explain his comparison, saying that Backstage could have been a place to talk about other wrestling scenes as well as WWE. “Because I always say, to be able to talk about a little bit of everything, to be able to talk about every one of these independent wrestling groups that are out there right now – just say for instance, NWA Pro that just got the rug pulled out from under them. You know, Evolve, another one that was prevalent in the business, and to talk about these groups that here and now are no more. I think it’s news, especially… the #SpeakingOut movement that’s going on right now. These are stories that are really prevalent in professional wrestling right now, and stories that need to be captured… from an inside perspective.”

With the show likely gone now, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the members of the show, and what – if anything – WWE has them do now.

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