Booker T Wants To Manage The Street Profits, Talks Working With Them As King Booker

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Booker T Wants To Manage The Street Profits, Talks Working With Them As King BookerBooker T

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T recently took to his podcast, “The Hall Of Fame,” to talk about wanting to manage The Street Profits, and working with them as King Booker on an episode of Monday Night RAW.

Here are the highlights:

Wanting to manage The Street Profits:

I’m thinking about putting my name in to manage The Street Profits. Bring these guys to the next level. Just put a little bit more street on them. That’s all. Just put more street on them. It’ll be no plan, no jiving, just business. That’s the thing, I love to entertain, that’s one of the best parts about the business, is going out and entertaining, but when you can go out there and really put them fifth ward beats on them boys, then it becomes something totally different.

When the people look at you differently, other than just an entertainer, that’s when it becomes something totally different to you. You actually feel it in the soul, real deep down in someone’s bones, and that’s what I love about the business, and that’s what I think I can bring to the Street Profits.

Being an “advisor” instead:

Maybe not manage, but just, mentor. Or something like that. I remember Gary Hart said, “I’m not a manager, just an advisor.” You know what I mean? I think I might just want to be just an advisor.

Working with The Street Profits as King Booker:

King Booker is timeless, I love the fact that I can still go out and be able to relive the greatest king, in my estimation, in my eyes, the greatest king in all King Of The Ring tournaments. King Booker was the most memorable, the greatest reign as Heavyweight Champion, King Booker.

The most royal, the most noble. I loved it, and then to get the chance to – get these guys some rub. That’s what it’s all about, getting the rub. You give somebody the rub, bring them up, and hopefully, they’ll take it. And that last line was, “Hey guys, get your mind right!” There was a message there. I don’t know if you guys got the message, it had nothing to do with King Booker, it had nothing to do with anything but these guys.

Hey man, it’s time to stop playing, it’s time to stop jiving, it’s time to go out and claim the tag team division. Harlem Heat style. By force, if need be. I’m just saying.

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