Booker T Thinks Trish Stratus Is The Standing ‘GOAT’ Of Women’s Wrestling

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Booker T Thinks Trish Stratus Is The Standing ‘GOAT’ Of Women’s Wrestling

Booker T Trish Stratus Lita

Booker T believes that Trish Stratus is still the queen who sits on the throne of women’s wrestling, sucka.

On the most recent episode of The Hall Of Fame, Booker is asked by co-host Brad Gilmore who he thinks is the Tom Brady of women’s wrestling and the two time Hall of Famer doesn’t miss a beat at showing his “Stratusfaction.”

“Trish Stratus. She’s the first one that comes to my mind. Lita of course. Lita’s gonna be right there because just what she brought to the table. She made so many people want to be apart of not just what she was doing, but Matt and Jeff as well. She was a huge part of that thing.

“I give Lita definitely huge props, but Trish Stratus she definitely brought the wrestling game up to another level for the women to raise the bar and not be looked at as just “T & A” or anything like that. She was the one that broke that barrier more than any other woman on the roster. As good as she looked, she still went out and people saw her performance, not just her beauty. That’s why I give Trish Stratus the nod as far as being the GOAT of women’s wrestling and the thing is, Charlotte Flair just hadn’t put in enough time just yet. I think at the end of the day Charlotte definitely her name will be right there at the top of the list as well.”

Gilmore notes that it has been just over a year since Stratus had her last match against Charlotte Flair, but Booker knows the two current WWE Women’s Champions in Sasha Banks and Bayley aim to mix it up with Stratus and Lita as well.

“Bayley and Sashsa been asking for it and I’m sure if Bayley and Sasha ask hard enough, they’re gonna get what they want because I’m sure Trish is chomping at the bit to get back in the ring just one more time as well as Lita, man. Lita’s always, she’s like me, I’m always available when I’m available.”

Book thinks as long as Trish and Lita want and are capable of competing, they should be able to.

“Trish & Lita man, they still have seem to have kept that fire burning for the people that still want to see them go out there and perform and my thing is this man, let the ladies go out and do it as long as they possibly can, man.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out the entire clip between Gilmore and Booker below:

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