Booker T Thinks Rob Van Dam Should Have One Last Run In WWE

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Booker T Thinks Rob Van Dam Should Have One Last Run In WWE

rob van dam

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Where should Rob Van Dam go if he decides to venture out once more into this wild world of professional wrestling?

It’s a recent conversation RVD’s long-time friend in Booker T had with his co-host Brad Gilmore on an episode of The Hall Of Fame as to which major promotion would benefit “Mr. Whatever Night He Dam Well Pleases” the most: AEW or WWE? Gilmore believed that a run in AEW would make more sense for Van Dam and his girlfriend Katie Forbes considering their recent heelish run in IMPACT, while Booker gave another perspective.

“When you’ve been in the business like an RVD, you don’t want to wait for 20 years for all that to happen. It’s kind of like you just want to go home and finish the career out a certain way and walk away from it and say, ‘Man, it was cool.’ Make one last run I think in the WWE is very important for RVD’s career – I think. He may not think that, but I would think to finish it because the Hall of Fame may mean nothing to a lot of people, but to get a chance to thank the fans in front of thousands of people, [rather] in front of just a few is something special, okay? Don’t think about the ring or anything like that, don’t think about the title or anything like that, but think about how much time you put into the business and to walk away from it not being able to thank the fans is almost like a member of your family getting COVID and you never get a chance to say goodbye.”

Van Dam recently confirmed to Bill Pritchard at WrestleZone that his recent status with IMPACT Wrestling was on a per night basis and stated to Dominic DeAngelo that he had no further obligations with the promotion. IMPACT later confirmed that RVD and Forbes’ time with the company was currently done leading to a great deal of the wrestling fanbase to speculate what may be next for “The Whole F’n Show” and Katie Forbes.

You can tune into Booker and Brad’s Van Dam discussion below: