Booker T Talks His Transition To Commentary & Samoa Joe Receiving That Opportunity

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Booker T Talks His Transition To Commentary & Samoa Joe Receiving That Opportunity

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T had some comment regarding his time behind the commentary booth in WWE. On the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame, he and co-host Brad Gilmore talk about Book making that transition from grappling in the ring to grappling with a headset.

“It’s the best seat in the house. Ain’t no better seat then being at that commentary table up close and personal with the action, watching the guys go out there do their thing, man,” said Booker. “It was great. The preparation like you say, it was something I had to constantly do all the time and would have the Reality of Wrestling and then WWE, it was a constant job trying to just make sure everything that was going on all the time.”

“For me it was a learning experience more than anything. It was on the job training and for awhile I was wondering, ‘Man, this is difficult.'”

Booker says getting in your gab groove can take some time and makes note that SmackDown’s Corey Graves found that groove relatively well.

“It seems like Corey feels comfortable being himself. It doesn’t seem like he has to stop and second-guess himself at all when he’s out there. To find that levity man, that spot, the way you feel that way, it takes time. Preparation is your only luck.”

Booker said that him being a personality in the locker room is what led to him lighting up the booth every week on RAW and talks how Samoa Joe made a similar move to him.

“You never know, this might be what’s coming for Samoa Joe so my thing is, yeah, if you could get that spot man it’s definitely a spot that you want to get and hold on to for a very, very long time.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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