Booker T Sees Shawn Michaels ‘Star’ Power In Adam Cole; Why Size Won’t Hinder Him

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Booker T Sees Shawn Michaels ‘Star’ Power In Adam Cole; Why Size Won’t Hinder Him

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

All Booker T sees is “star” when it comes to Adam Cole and says as much on the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame with co-host Brad Gilmore.

When Gilmore asks the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer what should be the next move for Adam Cole, Booker thinks it would behoove not just Cole, but NXT if he stayed under the black and gold banner a little while longer.

“Me personally, if I had the book and I had the pen, Adam Cole would stay in NXT a little while longer. Not saying that he’s not ready to go to the main roster or anything like that, not saying that he’s going to get lost in the shuffle or anything like that, but I just think just a little bit more time in NXT will only serve him a little bit better. I don’t think it’s going to hurt him at all staying in NXT a little bit longer.

“As young as Adam Cole is and as short of time as he’s been in WWE, man, this guy, he’s really a student of the game and he can teach those guys down in there in that system so much. I heard somebody else say it and I agree with them, I say, ‘If Adam Cole was 6’3″ tall he’d be the Universal Champion right now.’ That’s how good this kid is. He really is that good. Not to blow Shawn Michaels’ horn or anything like that, but this kid he’s sitting at that next level, Shawn Michaels type guy that can go out there and be that Mr. WrestleMania. Of course I know it’s a different era now than it was back then, but I really look at Adam Cole and I say ‘Man, this guy is really very talented,’ and me, I’m gonna tell you right now, I don’t say that about a whole lot of guys.”

Since Booker mentioned Cole’s size and it seems to be a topic among fans Gilmore asked him if he believes Adam’s height could hinder him from reaching the top of the card. Booker thinks not and here’s why:

“You know why I don’t think it will hinder him is because of just last week, what he went out there and showed with Keith Lee. He’s a guy that’s a small guy like Shawn Michaels who Shawn Michaels wasn’t a big guy as well but Shawn Michaels worked like he was 6’3″. Adam Cole works like he’s 6’3″ and when you look at Adam Cole, only thing you see in that box that we’re in right now is ‘star’ and that right there, ‘Let’s go make this money, baby.'”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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