Booker T Says Ronda Rousey’s Recent Remarks Are ’A Slap In The Face’, She Should Apologize

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Booker T Says Ronda Rousey’s Recent Remarks Are ’A Slap In The Face’, She Should Apologize

Booker T

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Ronda Rousey definitely riled people up with her recent remarks about pro wrestling being fake and Booker T thinks she was out of line and should apologize.

Speaking on his “Hall Of Fame” podcast with Brad Gilmore and Christian, Booker T said he was really bothered by Ronda’s remarks because she was accepted into the wrestling world with open arms and her recent comments were an unfair dig at the ladies who made her look good in the ring.

“What irks me about the comments, more than anything, is she was great at what she did. She put women on the map as far as UFC goes and women in mixed martial arts. She really brought that to the forefront and it was a great thing. The exit—two dramatic losses—it is what it is,” Booker said. “But then to be accepted into the wrestling world and have to go out there and perform with those ladies in the locker room, it’s a slap in the face to each and every one of those ladies that went out there and had to work with her.”

“To slap all those ladies in the face that made her look so good after receiving that check from this ‘fake’ business, a check that, like I said, being put in a position where she was the women’s champion, she was in the main event at WrestleMania, that speaks volumes. There are so many ladies in that locker room that work really, really hard, work their asses off to actually get to that spot, like a Nia Jax,” Booker said, “that never had got that kind of praise since she’s been there and then someone walks from outside inside to this world and get it. It really is a slap in the face. and I just think Ronda needs to apologize first and foremost.”

Christian agreed and said he doesn’t like the word ‘fake’ and thinks it’s degrading but he might give Ronda the benefit of the doubt and said it could be a poor choice of words. He added that he never felt like Ronda was there for a paycheck and she was also a ‘lightning rod’ for heat in UFC too, so it could’ve just been a bad take or a way to ruffle feathers again.

Rousey’s comments were from her appearance on the Talking on the Wild Ride! with Steve-O podcast, where she blamed ungrateful fans for why she’s not returning to wrestling full-time. After her initial comments made headlines, Rousey took to social media and said that ‘fake’ wrestling was an insult to real fighters.

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