Booker T Says Cesaro’s Recent Performances Have Been ‘Star-Making’

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Booker T Says Cesaro’s Recent Performances Have Been ‘Star-Making’


(Photo credit CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP/Getty Images)

Cesaro is a star, says Booker T.

In recent weeks, Cesaro has once again boosted his stock on WWE television. regularly have an appearance in main event matches and holding victories over such names as Daniel Bryan, Cesaro is once again building towards a top-level run.

Speaking about Cesaro on his podcast, Booker T put over his wrestling ability and his rise to stardom following the WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 event.

“Cesaro did have a star-making night even not coming out on top. Cesaro is one of those guys that’s going to be around for a long time. He’s one of those guys that you want on your team even after his in-ring time oh, he’s going to be somebody that you still want on the team from the perspective of making sure the young guys right the ship.”

“The Swiss Cyborg” has been in WWE for 9 years and continues to improve. Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Cesaro stated that it is not up to him to decide whether or not he becomes WWE Universal Champion. Rather, it is up to the audience.

“It’s not up to me to decide what I deserve,” he says. “In wrestling, that’s up to the fans. I’ll keep working hard to reach my goals. This isn’t just about me. I represent all of Switzerland, all of Germany, all of Italy, and all of the international world. Wrestling is a universal language spoken all over the world. I am so proud to be an international representative and do this to the fullest for all the international fans.

“I came from a country that’s not known for wrestling. I’m bringing an international flavor, showing that anything is possible. I am living my dream, and I bring that kind of realism, passion, and love to WWE. I hope to inspire people to go out and follow what they love.”

WrestleZone will continue to cover Friday Night Smackdown and all things Cesaro on the Road to WrestleMania.