Booker T Returns To The Ring As GI Bro Over The Weekend (Video)

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Booker T Returns To The Ring As GI Bro Over The Weekend (Video)

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Booker T will turn anything into a teaching moment, even if that means that the two-time (two-time!) WWE Hall Of Famer has to step in the ring himself to educate.

Booker did just that over the course of the weekend at the Reality of Wrestling show in Houston, the wrestling academy that is under T’s tutelage, but he didn’t come in his usual axe-kicking form. Booker showed up as GI Bro, complete with military duds and a penchant for whooping some ass.

Last night Booker T retuned to the ring for a very special and rare appearance as GI Bro and proved he’s still battle ready! #RealityOfWrestling #GiBro

— Reality of Wrestling (@TheOfficialROW) February 9, 2020

GI Bro got busy inside the ropes as he showcased a spinnaroonie before laying down a Book End:

A @BookerT5x match isn't complete without the Spinaroonie! @TheOfficialROW

— The Sure Shot + THE Loyal Subject = YASSS 🤴 (@BryMoon_TSS) February 9, 2020

As you can tell, Booker is in tremendous shape and there were rumors and talks of him making an in-ring appearance at this year’s Royal Rumble to throw some suckas over the top rope, and while he was ringside for commentary during the men’s match, Booker stay sidelined, until now.

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