Booker T Reflects On His In-Ring Return; Has Big Expectations For Reality Of Wrestling In 2020

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Booker T Reflects On His In-Ring Return; Has Big Expectations For Reality Of Wrestling In 2020

Booker T

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This past Saturday, Booker T returned to the ring for all the right reasons and he expects wrestling fans to see big things from his students in Reality of Wrestling in 2020.

The most recent episode of The Hall Of Fame, Booker talked to co-host Brad Gilmore as to why he stepped back in the ropes as GI Bro, and just like he’s instilled in his trainees, challenging oneself regularly is a test for anyone at any age, even himself.

“Getting back in the ring at 54 years old, it’s a test, but you’re always testing yourself, you’re always trying to push yourself to the next level,” says Booker.

“I think that’s what life is all about. The reason I say that is that my grandfather lived to be 102 years old and that right there is a mission. That right there is a journey and for me, where I’m at right now, to step back in the ring, it was really, really awesome, but I must say, I must say, I give props, I give props to my young pupils, my students that went out there and literally brought Saturday night to a point that, ah man, I don’t think we’d ever get to as far as basking in the glory of Reality of Wrestling in what we created and what we built…”

Booker happened to mention the article we shared yesterday about his in-ring return, saying that it reaffirmed that he’s doing the right thing.

“It said that ‘Booker T can always find a teachable moment’ and on that night, on Saturday night he was willing to get back in the ring and get in there with his students and show them the proper way of doing what we do and what we love so much and for someone to write that right there and let me know I’m doing the right thing. All the work that I’m putting in right there it’s definitely has paid off and it’s gonna pay off even more, man.”

Booker wanted listeners to know that ROW has a very bright horizon for 2020 and is looking forward to seeing matters develop further down in his backyard of Houston, Texas.

“2020 is gonna be the biggest year, the breakout year for Reality of Wrestling. We’re gonna be doing things that’s so big, guys are gonna want to flock to want be a part of Reality of Wrestling on a monthly basis that’s soon to hopefully if God steers us in the right way would be on a weekly basis coming to you very, very soon. So I’m telling you, man, we’re looking to do big things.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can watch the entire clip of Booker below (sucka):

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