Booker T Recalls The Night Vince McMahon Wanted To See An ‘Undertakeroonie’

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Booker T Recalls The Night Vince McMahon Wanted To See An ‘Undertakeroonie’

WWE’s Cool Hand Luke wouldn’t play along.

On one particular evening in 2002, Vince McMahon desperately wanted to see the Undertaker do his version of a Spinaroonie after Monday Night Raw went off the air. Undertaker recently spoke to Steve Austin about this famed incident on the debut of Broken Skull Sessions and now Booker T, the master of the Spinaroonie inside of the wrestling ring, shared more details about this story on a recent edition of his Hall Of Fame podcast.

“We’re off the air. We’re literally off the air. One thing we used to do back in the day, we used to love to entertain, man, and make the fans feel a certain way,” he began. “So, Boom! I do the Spinaroonie and everybody goes crazy. The referee’s got the earpieces in and the referee tells me, ‘tell ‘Taker to do the Spinnaroonie’ So, I got to get the microphone and just act a fool. Of course, which I love doing anyway. [And I say,] ‘the people wanna see an Undertakeroonie.’ And, [Undertaker] looks at me like, ‘oh, my God!’ He wanted to kill me.”

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No matter who came out to the ring or how long everybody stayed out in front of the people, The Undertaker would not budge and never hit the break dancing move in the ring.

Booker continued, “The next thing you know, Somebody else’s music plays, they go out. They do the Spinaroonie The rock came out, Vince McMahon came out. Everybody came out that night. Literally, [we were out there] for forty-five minutes after the show went off the air trying to get The Undertaker to do the Spinaroonie.”

The moment would eventually be released on WWE DVD when a compilation set came out featuring the greatest moments after Monday Night Raw went off the air. You can see the full video the hilarious incident below:

(Transcription credit should go to Robert DeFelice for WrestleZone.)