Booker T On Sasha Banks & Bayley’s Run During Pandemic

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Booker T On Sasha Banks & Bayley’s Run During Pandemic

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

On the most recent episode of The Hall Of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore has the two discussing the development of both Sasha Banks and Bayley while wrestling has been in world with empty arenas and fan interaction. Since then, both of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions has made their presence known to Booker.

“Sasha is a major player. She is one talent on the roster that you can always be able to go to and then know that she’s always going to deliver, especially in a big match. Bayley, the same thing.

“Even though I’m always on Bayley’s case, you know, but Bayley is the quintessential worker. She can go out there and she may not be great at anything but she’s good at everything. So when I watch Bayley go out and perform now, taking on this new persona, which is something that I couldn’t wait for something like this to happen. I think it’s good for, as well as we’re in era again, this pandemic era. Everything right now is kind of like on hold in like a holding pattern and for those two to be in position in a holding pattern is perfect.”

Gilmore proposes the question as to if we can see the two buddies butt heads over the SmackDown’s Women’s Title and Booker bets his bottom dollar on it because it’s “pro wrestling.”

“Something like that’s got to happen sooner or later down the line. One thing about it is we got plenty of time for something like that. That storyline could last for six months to a year before something like that could really jump off. Like I said, especially right now in the holding pattern.”

“I’m all about timing, man, and right now we gotta milk this thing as much as we possibly can. We gotta try to get as much out of every storyline on television right now, just to literally prolong what we’re going through right now.”

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