Booker T On New Day Splitting: ‘They All Did It Their Way’

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Booker T On New Day Splitting: ‘They All Did It Their Way’

Even though there’s a new day for The New Day lying ahead, Booker T is impressed with the faction’s run as a trio after all these years.

Booker spoke with his co-host Brad Gilmore on a recent episode of The Hall Of Fame and the two-time WWE Hall of Famer talked about how impressed he was with all three members in Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods.

“I got nothing but praise for The New Day. Let’s just get that out there,” Book said. “Those guys, they did it and let me just lay it out for you: looking at Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston is a veteran to the sport. He’s a guy that’s been around and you might say, ‘Man, he’s paid his dues, he should’ve been had it.’ I mean He’s a warrior, he’s a soldier. He knows exactly what it takes to stick last in this game and weather the storm. I give Kofi big props. Big E and Xavier, adding those two to the mix, it definitely gave Kofi a longevity at the same time.”

“Big E coming in as a powerhouse. Anyone look at Big E in that box, they say, ‘Man, this guy can be world champion, this guy could be a singles superstar,’ and that he can.”

“Then you look at a guy like X. Xavier. I mean, c’mon. Let’s be real, this is a guy that came from TNA, [Consequences] Creed and how many guys came over from TNA and other companies that haven’t ascended to the point of a Xavier Woods in the WWE. I mean he figured it out. That’s the thing, that’s the thing that I’m always talking about as far as being able to figure it out because you may not be the guy that they’re thinking about as far as being on the radar as far as being the guy, but you gotta figure out how to get your little piece of the pie, and Xavier Woods, formerly known as [Consequences] Creed, a guy that I was beating up in the ring and doing a promo at the same time, look at him now! Look at him now. He’s made it all the way to the top.”

“Big ups to those guys and they all did it their way so there again, I’m taking away nothing from The New Day, man. Those guys, like I said, get nothing but praise from Booker T, on a real note, but then again on the other note, I can’t believe Xavier Woods’ back.”