Booker T On CM Punk In WWE: ‘If You Come Back In One Capacity, You Might Get The Itch’

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Booker T On CM Punk In WWE: ‘If You Come Back In One Capacity, You Might Get The Itch’booker t

When asked about CM Punk’s rumored screen tests for WWE, Backstage co-host Booker T denied that he saw the man and couldn’t confirm anything. However, he did have a few words regarding what would happen if the Straight Edge Savior did return to WWE, even in this limited capacity.

It’s obvious that a lot of people still want to support CM Punk. Five years away from the business, going on six. If you come back in one capacity, you might get the itch to get back in there and test yourself. That’s what men do, we always want to test ourselves.

Booker continues that he thinks he was at his best in his 40s in WWE and continues that Punk could still put on thrill rides even at his age. However, the former WCW Champion also seemed surprised that Punk was returning to the business at all.

For him to step back into the world of professional wrestling, it’s something I never thought I’d see. CM Punk seemed like he was that guy that, when he stepped away from it, he said ‘I’m done with professional wrestling and I never want to see a wrestling ring ever again.’ He actually went into seclusion and deleted all of his contacts, all of his buddies.

He goes on to mention Corey Graves as one of Punk’s buddies, say that the announcer was “real hot-headed” over the whole situation when it happened.

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