Booker T is of the opinion that Ricochet’s style wasn’t a match for WWE.

Booker T is of the opinion that Ricochet’s style wasn’t a match for WWE.
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In a recent episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, shared his insights on Ricochet’s exit from WWE and his prospects in professional wrestling. Ongoing reports on eWn suggest that Ricochet might soon be making his debut on AEW.

Key points from the podcast include:

Booker T’s perspective on Ricochet leaving WWE: “Based on the podcast polls, AEW seems like the next probable destination for Ricochet. Personally, I believe that’s a plausible outcome too, or even Japan. His talent would be a crowd-pleaser, be it in Japan or TNA. In terms of employment and financial stability, I believe Ricochet isn’t going to face any hurdles. The question is – will he keep his professional wrestling reputation glowing? My answer would be yes. On account of Ricochet’s exceptional talent, he was a highly sought-after indie wrestler when he was signed on. His performances in the ring are remarkable and have an element of surprise.”

Booker T on Ricochet not replicating the performances he put up pre-WWE: “Ricochet’s on-stage prowess was somewhat underrepresented in WWE. While we saw glimmers of his potential, we did not get to see him recreate the epic battles he staged during his indie circuit days. His pace is extraordinary, if only we could add another 15-20 minutes to that. His Lucha Underground performances were outstanding. I’ve always admired the guy – for his talent is undeniable and incomparable. Ricochet shouldn’t have to fret about securing a job ever.”

Booker T positing that Ricochet’s style wasn’t a good fit for WWE: “I concur with that. Take Finn Balor as an example. He made a more seamless transition into WWE. Balor’s involvement in Judgment Day certainly aided him in discovering who he truly was as a performer. He understood that he needed to slow down and focus more on his character. Everyone thought that Balor’s Demon persona would have sufficed to carry his career forward. Just apply the paint and there you go. However, Balor realized that in a WWE context, there was more to getting over than just relying on his Demon alter ego.”