Booker T: ‘I’m Really Digging Where NXT Is Going Right Now’

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Booker T: ‘I’m Really Digging Where NXT Is Going Right Now’

Booker T

Photo Credit: WWE

Booker T sees a lot more opportunity in NXT since the brand was revitalized as NXT 2.0. On the latest episode of The Hall of Fame with Brad Gilmore, Booker took a moment to speak why he likes the new direction for the developmental brand.

“I’m really digging where NXT is going right now,” Booker said. “It’s a totally a different vibe, it’s a totally different show, it’s something that I always thought NXT should be.” Booker takes one major factor away from how NXT 2.0 is structured now and that’s fluidity.

“I think what this thing has really done more than anything is giving those goes that is ready come up out of that system, get them put in the main roster storylines immediately,” he said. “The only thing that is gonna do for me is give these guys more people to work with. That’s what we talk about with WWE more than anything is we’ve seen everybody work pretty much with each other. It’s pretty much a cycle now. It’s like washing your clothes, but now with all the influx of NXT talent going straight to the main roster, I think this is going to be a game changer, man. I just do, I like it.”

You can check out the complete episode of the Hall of Fame below:

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