Booker T Gives An ‘Olympic-Like’ Assessment Of The Frog Splash

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Booker T Gives An ‘Olympic-Like’ Assessment Of The Frog Splash

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T is an admirer of high-divers, and there may be no better “high divers” in pro wrestling than Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero.

On a recent episode of The Hall Of Fame, co-host Brad Gilmore presented Booker with an image floating around the web of the two-time Hall Of Famer taking a frog splash from both RVD and Eddie. Aside from seeing the potential of a “rib” afoot, Booker was asked to assess each of his foe’s form.

“Me personally, I like cliff-diving. I like Olympic diving and normally when you watch Olympic divers you watch the form and the technique and see if they’re keeping everything, more importantly, tight when you’re doing that.

“When you watch RVD right here, everything is pretty much just wide open. Nothing’s tight, the feet aren’t close together or anything. The arms are flailing all over the place. Then you look at Eddie. Eddie is in perfect, almost perfect form (I’d give him an ‘8.5’ as far as his dismount here), but the more important part is the landing.

“When you look at RVD and his position of the landing, brother, there is nothing but weight coming down on you right there, but when you look at Eddie, when you look at the posture, and him getting ready to place himself in the perfect position where it’s gonna feel like a feather landing on you compared to a sack of potatoes like RVD. So I’d pick Eddie Guerrero as who had the best frog splash.”

Do you agree or disagree with Booker, sucka? For the referenced image at hand, check out the clip below:

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