Booker T Expresses Confidence in WWE Amid The Rock’s Return

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On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T discussed the negative response to The Rock’s return and a potential match with Roman Reigns. He said,

“If Cody wouldn’t have won the Royal Rumble, it might be a totally different story. The fans may feel a totally different way. Would they be pissed off Cody didn’t win the Royal Rumble? Probably. But I think doing it this way, it almost puts yourself in a corner.

“But one thing I’ve always had the faith in is WWE trying to figure its way out of that corner and make the fans go, ‘Man, damn it.’ So I’m thinking like that as well. Right now, it may look like we’re in a little pickle, but I think at the end of the day, I think it could really be corrected and make the fans get even more out of their money, seriously.”

The ‘#WeWantCody’ movement was in full force during this week’s episode of RAW, with the pro-Cody chants and chants of “Rocky Sucks” being acknowledged during the broadcast.

A press conference will take place later today with The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes all expected to appear at the event.

The Rock’s potential return to the WWE and a potential match with Roman Reigns has sparked a lot of discussion among fans and experts. Booker T, a former WWE wrestler and current commentator, recently shared his thoughts on the negative response to The Rock’s return and how WWE can navigate this situation.

Booker T acknowledged that there has been a negative response to The Rock’s return, particularly due to the popularity of Cody Rhodes, who many fans wanted to win the Royal Rumble. He mentioned that if Cody had won, the fans might have felt differently. However, he also expressed his faith in WWE’s ability to find a solution and make the fans happy.

The ‘We Want Cody’ movement was evident during a recent episode of RAW, with chants in support of Cody and even chants of “Rocky Sucks.” This shows that there is a strong desire among fans to see Cody in a prominent position within the company.

To address these concerns and manage fan expectations, WWE has organized a press conference with The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes. This event will provide an opportunity for the wrestlers to address the fans directly and potentially clarify their plans for upcoming matches and storylines.

The Rock’s return to the WWE is always a big deal, as he is one of the most popular and successful wrestlers in history. His matches are often highly anticipated, and his presence brings a lot of excitement to the audience. However, it is essential for WWE to listen to their fans and consider their preferences when making decisions about storylines and match-ups.

In this case, it seems that WWE needs to find a way to balance The Rock’s return with the desires of the fans who are rooting for Cody Rhodes. Booker T believes that WWE has the ability to correct the situation and give the fans an even more satisfying experience.

It remains to be seen how WWE will address these concerns and whether they will make any changes to their plans. The press conference with The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Cody Rhodes will likely shed some light on the situation and provide fans with a better understanding of what to expect in the coming months.

Overall, the negative response to The Rock’s return and the desire for Cody Rhodes to be in a prominent position within WWE shows the passion and investment of the fans. It is crucial for WWE to listen to their audience and find a way to satisfy their desires while still delivering exciting and entertaining matches. The upcoming press conference will be an important step in addressing these concerns and shaping the future of WWE storylines.