Booker T Encourages Fans To Embrace John Cena’s Return: I Haven’t Seen The Building Shake Like That Since The Attitude Era

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Booker T Encourages Fans To Embrace John Cena’s Return: I Haven’t Seen The Building Shake Like That Since The Attitude Era

Booker T

Photo: Reality Of Wrestling

Booker T recently explained how John Cena’s return actually might be what’s best for business.

On the latest episode of The Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T described how the thunderous reaction Cena received on Sunday was comparable to the huge pops WWE’s top stars got during the Attitude Era. The WWE Hall of Famer noted how he hasn’t heard this kind of response since that legendary period.

John Cena making his return [got the] biggest pop in the building,” said Booker T. “People can say what they wanna say about John Cena. People say ‘Cena sucks,’ but I tell you, you never know what you’re missing until it’s gone. And John Cena coming back, people in Texas obviously miss the hell out of John Cena. The roof was actually hovering at certain times. The cameras were shaking and I haven’t seen that in quite some time. Not since the Attitude Era, since I’ve seen the building shake like that.”

Booker T then used Cena’s return to state that the stars of yesterday still “sell” because they give the fans something that they feel like they’re missing. He encouraged the WWE Universe to embrace Cena’s time back with WWE for this very reason.

“We’ve been asking the question over the last couple weeks, who’s left for Roman Reigns?” said Booker T. “He’s cleaned out the division. John Cena pops up. Now, just think about if it was The Rock that showed up. It would have been a huge pop. The point I’m making is, the guys from that era, that still sell. They still give the people that something that they feel inside that they’re not feeling right now. So embrace it is what I’m saying.”

Finally, Booker T praised Cena for giving back to WWE fans, as they’re the ones who helped turn him into the star he is today. Booker also shared his view that a potential match between John Cena and Roman Reigns will, as the saying goes, put butts in seats.

“To see John Cena back, even if it’s just for a minute, we know how busy this guy is,” said Booker T. “We know his schedule is packed, and for him to make a moment for the people that made his career, the WWE Universe, said a whole lot about that man. So I give John Cena nothing but props. And if him and Roman Reigns do something, I’m gonna tell you right now, it’s gonna be sold out to the rafters and the fans are gonna get their money’s worth at the end of the night after watching that match.”

Cena’s Money In The Bank return was the first of several dates fans can expect to see him at, as WWE confirmed multiple televised and live event dates where Cena will appear. Click the link below for a full list of appearances during the “Summer Of Cena.”

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